What is Copywriting?

The question “what do you do?” can be difficult when your chosen profession is not widely understood.  I often get a polite nod and smile when I answer the usual question about occupation with the response that “I’m a copywriter”.   If I don’t launch in to clarifying what a copywriter is, then I’ll inevitably get asked at a later time to explain what it actually means or i will be assumed that I work in copyright law.  My little go to explanation has evolved over time and at the moment I like to explain copywriting as:

The creation of text that compels a reader to take action. 

So, my job as a copywriter is to create amazing words that encourage your customers to purchase your product, signup for your updates or to contact you for more information!

A little about copywriters:

Copywriters are skilled in taking your story and creating a masterpiece that is easy to read and flows. We’ll work from scratch, just using your brief or we’ll rewrite what content you’ve put together.

Depending on the purpose of the copy we’ll use our creative licence to stretch, poke and prod the copy into something that is unique to your business.

It could be a whimsical narrative for your little creative business, where you, the oh so wonderfully talented and eccentric owner is developing wonderful products. Alternatively, we’ll tone it down a bit to give a factual and technical description of your product or service that is part of a traditional industry.

That’s the beauty of words, you can inject personality and tone by changing the way you write.

A good copywriter understand your tone and personality then write for you, your unique voice and reputation and of course your customer or client.

In reality, copywriters help you express yourself.

Middlewood Consulting - Old typewriter

Why should I use a copywriter?

If you find yourself in any of the following situations, you might want to consider using a copywriter. 

  • Your copy sounds dull or forced.
  • You don’t know what to say about your business.
  • You’re not getting people to your website.
  • You’re unsure you’ve covered everything.
  • You don’t have time to get out any words together.

So really, a copywriter may just be the secret weapon that your small business needs!

More Questions? Contact us and we’d be happy to answer them!